About Raise a Racquet


Imagine your child has been in the hospital for weeks; you must choose between working to support your family or being with your child. Perhaps you have taken family medical leave and are not bringing home a salary during this time. What if your mortgage payment cannot be made? What if you need assistance with parking fees? What if a sibling needs care at home so you can travel to be with your child?  What if you cannot pay for gas or lodging to visit your child?

The FARM Fund is there to help. This fund allows UNC Children's to help with temporary logistical problems so that families can focus on being with their sick child. Family stresses are extremely high during these periods, and the FARM fund allows family one small breath of relief in the middle of their difficult journey. 

Because we rely on volunteers and in-kind donations to produce this event, 100% of your donation helps children and their families at UNC Children's.

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"In a gentle way,

you can change the world"

-Mahatma Gandhi


It's FUN to help!

Kids can help, too. Having fun is just part of being a kid, so what better way for kids to help other kids than by enjoying fun tennis games, raffles, prizes, pizza and more! All entrance fees for the Kid's Rally go directly to UNC Children's!